Term Six, Week One

Welcome back everyone!  I hope you’ve had a nice break over the holiday and that you’ve been able to get out and enjoy some of this lovely sunshine.

Last term, you sent in so many brilliant pieces of work; writing, drawings and photos and I loved receiving each and every one of them and then sharing them on here for all to see, so keep them coming – remember the class email is 4P@westrise-jun.e-sussex.sch.uk  

With the lockdown going on for longer than any of us could have imagined back in March, this term we (the Year 4 team) are making a few more changes to what you can expect each week in the way of work we set.

We will continue to set a Times Tables challenge in addition to the new Times Tables Rock Stars activities.  Maths is changing slightly; while MyMaths tasks will still be available for children to do, we will not be setting any new tasks on there but instead moving onto using White Rose – keep an eye out for this further down the post, where all is explained.

We will continue to set Spellings with a variety of different ways to practice them.  In addition to this we will now also set you English work using the BBC Bitesize website – again keep scrolling, details are further down the post.

We will also continue to set a weekly project because of the overwhelmingly positive response we have received from both children and parents about how enjoyable these are – which is clear to see by the amazing work you are creating and sending in week after week.

As well as all of this:  Mrs Ford will continue to set you a Science investigation each week, courtesy of Empiribox; we continue to take part in the Specsavers Virtual School Games that gives you P.E. activities each week (details on the P.E. page – it’s never too late to sign up); and don’t forget Mrs Stringfellow continues to post fun outdoor activities each week on her Forest School blog, while Mrs Lumby and Ms Beard are setting wellbeing activities on their blog too.

Get involved in as much as you can – and remember to keep us all posted by commenting on the blog and/or sending in your work to 4P@westrise-jun.e-sussex.sch.uk

You can use the class email for questions or queries too and we will endeavour to check this at least once a day and get back to you as soon as possible, but please bear in mind that we are now working back in school too.


Right, without further ado, let’s begin Term 6…


Virtual School Games: Netball and Basketball

Help us move up the leader board by joining in with the Virtual School Games.

This link for this week’s activity is: https://www.activesussex.org/virtual/ 





This week’s Science investigation is all about bones!

You will need the following items for the practical investigation in this lesson : a plastic cup, mug or similar shaped plastic container, an egg or a chicken bone or a piece of chalk and some distilled vinegar, which is available in most supermarkets

Click on the link to find out more;


Please remember to send photographs of you and your findings or write a comment on this blog post!





Term Six, Week One Maths & Times Tables


It is great to see so many of you still working your way through the MyMath’s tasks and many of you trying tasks again and again – you are true Maths Marvels!

This term, we are going to be using a company called White Rose to help us deliver Maths. They have put together excellent videos for you to watch and work through.  The great news is, because we have been using White Rose at West Rise over the past year, they teach everything in exactly the same way as we have been teaching in the classroom! 

TASK:   They provide 4 videos a week and each video is one lesson.  The idea is, that you get yourself ready with a pencil and paper and press play.  You pause at various intervals throughout the video to do the work they ask (just look out for the pause symbol ) – of course you also have the benefit of being able to rewind if you need it repeated!  By the time you get to the end of the video, you have finished that Maths lesson – simple!  (It does ask you to continue by using the worksheets, but at the moment we will NOT be using these).

Give it a try at https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/ and click on           Summer Term Week 6 w/c 1st June.

And don’t forget to let me know what you think of it and how you get on.




Times Tables

So many of you are being Times Tables Rock Stars – well done!  I think it’s great fun – what do you think?

If you haven’t been on yet, your details were sent via PING a few weeks ago – but if you need them again, send me an email and I’ll send them out again.

If you can’t use Times Tables Rock Stars or you fancy another challenge, here are this week’s times tables to practice. 

TASK:  This week I’d like you to do a timed challenge!  Start by timing yourself when you first do them, then practice all week and then time yourself at the end of the week – did you get faster?  Let me know by commenting on the blog.

4 x 12      3 x 4      4 x 9       5 x 11       6 x 8       8 x 9       9 x 12       4 x 9      11 x 10    9 x 12      12 x 4      9 x 9      8 x 6      4 x 8       7 x 3      9 x 6       8 x 7       11 x 12      9 x 7      7 x 8





Term Six, Week One English and Spellings


This week we are going to focus on Proof Reading.  Simply click on the link below that will take you to the BBC Bitesize lesson.  There are various videos and tasks for you to work through – it might look like a lot, but don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all in one go!


Remember to send in any work you want to share



Mr Bevan’s group Group 1 Group 2 Group 3






























What does each word mean?  Write a sentence for each word that shows you understand its meaning.  If you’re unsure of a meaning, find it in a dictionary or go online.

I have set up this week’s word lists on Spellingframe – use the links below to practice using their FREE ‘Spelling Tiles’ and ‘Practice Test’ areas

Group 3 – https://spellingframe.co.uk/guest/word-list/34520

Group 2 – https://spellingframe.co.uk/guest/word-list/34528

Group 1 – https://spellingframe.co.uk/guest/word-list/34529

Mr Bevan’s group – https://spellingframe.co.uk/guest/word-list/34530

Let me know if you like it, and I’ll use it again another week.





Term Six, Week One Project

This term we move away from History and back onto Geography.  With all of us spending so much time at home I thought it would be good to stop, look and listen to the world around us.  So, this week I would like you to really take notice of all of the visitors that come to your house every day! 

“But no one is allowed to visit!” I hear you cry!!  It’s okay, I haven’t forgotten the lockdown rules…I’m talking about the birds that visit!  Whether you have a back garden or not, birds are all around us all of the time – have you ever stopped and noticed them?

I expect some of you have bird feeders in your gardens or on your balconies and therefore you may already take notice of the birds that visit, but this week I would like you to stop and watch them.

Which birds do you already know the names of?  Which birds do you see regularly?

Here is a list of birds that commonly visit our gardens

Stop and watch – which ones do you see?

Task One

I would like you to make a tally chart, like this:

Bird Tally Total







Fill it in with each of the birds on the list and feel free to add any others that you know of that aren’t listed here (I’m thinking gulls!).

Once you’ve made it – you are going to need to pick a time when you can sit, undisturbed, in your garden or at your window (basically wherever you can see birds from) for half an hour.  Once you’ve found your spot, simply pop a tally mark onto your table each time you see a particular bird.

At the end of your half hour, count up all of your tally marks and put the total. 

Which ones are the most regular visitors?

Task Two – I expect you can guess what is coming next… we can’t just leave data in a tally chart, can we?  Of course not, I would now like you to turn your tally chart data into a bar chart.  It will be interesting to compare all of your bar charts at the end of the week to see if you are all seeing the same amount of the same birds.

Remember a bar chart needs the following:  a title, a ‘y’ axis with evenly spaced numbers, an ‘x’ axis with evenly spaced categories (birds), bars drawn neatly and coloured, labels for both axis (what are the numbers showing? What are the words under the bars?)

Remember to share your finished work at 4P@westrise-jun.e-sussex.sch.uk

Task Three

I would like you to create a factfile about 2 (or more) of the birds that you have seen – you could even turn it into a booklet!?

You need to include a hand drawn picture of the male and female birds (what do you notice about these?), where they nest, what their eggs are like, what they eat and any other interesting facts you find out along the way.

Remember there’s no rush, just try to get it all finished and sent to me by Friday

I cannot wait to see what you create!




Spring Holiday

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you for participating so well with our online provision so far, we have loved seeing the amazing work your children have been sending us.  

For your information, over half term (next week), teachers will be spending their time with their families and therefore will take a break from updating and checking the blogs and setting work on MyMaths, but after the break this will resume.

I hope you and your children have an enjoyable half term and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Mr Fairclough


A quick reminder about Times Tables Rock Stars

Your log in details were sent on PING a week or so ago, but if you haven’t got them, please email me at


and I will get them over to you asap.


Don’t forget to READ and to let us all know what you’ve been reading by sending us in a BOOK REVIEW

Not sure what to read?  Check out the book reviews that have already been sent in

Quiz answers

Here they are…the answers you have been waiting for…good luck

  1. There were 3 Kings of England in 1066. Can you name them all?

                       What was the date of each of these King’s coronations?

Edward the Confessor   8 June 1042

Harold II   ‎6 January 1066

William I (the Conqueror) 25 December 1066    


  1. What year did Harold of Wessex swear his allegiance to William, on holy relics?

                       Where did this happen?

Harold of Wessex swore allegiance to William in 1064 on Holy Relics.


This generally believed to have happened in Bishop Odo’s cathedral at Bayeux.


  1. The Pope supported William and his army because he thought Harold had insulted the church. What did he give to show his support?

                       Where did the Pope live?

The Pope gave Williams’s army a Papal Banner to show his support.

The Pope lived in Rome.


  1. How many ships were in Williams’s fleet?

                       Whereabouts in England did they land?

                       What was the date of this landing?

700 ships were in William’s fleet.

They landed at Pevensey Bay, Sussex

On Sept 28th 1066 


  1. What was the date of the actual battle?

                        What time of day was this?

Battle was on 14 Oct 1066.

It started at dawn.


  1. The two armies met at a hill. Whereabouts was the hill?   Hastings, Battle, York or London

                        What is the hill called?

                        Which army was at the top of the hill?

The hill was at a place which is now called Battle.

The hill is Senlac (sea of blood) Hill

Harold’s Saxon army was at the top of the hill.


  1. The events of 1066 are recorded in an impressive tapestry. Whereabouts was this tapestry made?

                        How long is this tapestry?

The tapestry was made in France – believed to be in Bayeaux.

The tapestry is nearly 70 metres (230 ft) long and 50 centimetres (20 in) tall

How did you get on? Brilliantly I feel sure.  

Welcome to Week 5

Hi everyone! 

First things first… watch this… I hope it makes you smile

Isn’t it lovely to see everybody?  We are all missing all of you and each other.  A huge thank you needs to go to Ms Somerville for making this wonderful video and enabling us to see each other and for making us smile!


Once again, a huge congratulations to all of you who are continuing to work hard on the tasks that I have been setting you or your own home learning projects. It has been so good to receive your emails and share your photographs – a big thank you to all the grown ups for making this happen!

WORK of the WEEK

It has been a tricky task again to choose, as there is just so much great work being sent in, however, this week it goes to…….

…RR!     First of all RR re-told the key events of the Battle of Stamford bridge on 6 separate sheets of paper – which was amazing!  But then, having been inspired by the other work being sent in, he set about re-creating his work in a smaller storyboard format!  Such a lot of work and his knowledge is brilliant too!  Well done RR – keep up the excellent work!



Virtual School Games

I hope you all enjoyed the football challenges last week. We certainly made great progress on the Schools’ Leaderboard – but there is still a way to go!

This week’s activity is gym and fitness!

Click on the link to find out more:  http://www.activesussex.org/virtual


Have a go, have fun and don’t forget to send us some photographs of you in action!



Who managed to make butter last week?

And eat…

JW did – and his photos and investigation are brilliant – check them out on last week’s post if you haven’t seen them!  Here’s one of the photos he sent in, of him eating the butter he had just made!

Well done to all you other scientists who also did it – remember to send in photos,  I love seeing what you’ve been up to!

If you fancy having a go, you can head on back to last week’s Science Blog and see how!

This week we will be investigating something very different! We will be looking at Rocks!

This week’s link: https://home.empiribox.com/lessons/rocks/

As before, the video offers you three options; planning, recording and evaluating. Our focus is evaluating, but if you want to practice your planning and recording skills to, that would be amazing!

I would love to see the before and after shots of your rocks so remember to send them in, if you can, and you could share you evaluation too!




With more time on our hands than usual, I’m sure lots of you are reading a lot more than usual.

I’d love to know what everyone is reading and it might even help us to decide what to read next!

Some of you have already, kindly written book reviews, these can be found here and it would be great to add more to our collection.




Week 5’s Maths & Times Tables

Some great angle work (above is BM’s) last week, well done, and I’m super impressed to see that so many of you are also doing extra MyMaths.

This week we are learning about the different types of triangles. Did you know there were different types of triangles?

Like last week, start your learning by following this link to the bitesize website, there is a video and game for you to play on this page – this will really help you with your learning. 

Additional Task: Why are triangles used in infastructure (buildings and construction)? 

Can you investigate why triangles are used, what is so special about them? I would love to know what you find out, comment or email what you find


Times Tables

A huge round of applause to TH, MH and BM who had a go at being Times Tables Rock Stars last week! What did you think of it? (Please send me some feedback comments!)

If you haven’t had a go yet, what’s stopping you?  It is such fun – I might have spent quite a lot of time playing on it, eh hem, I mean testing it and trying it out!

Your log in details were sent on PING the other week, so ask your adult to check for them

If you don’t have the details please email me at 4P@westrise-jun.e-sussex.sch.uk and I will get them straight out to you

Please remember that I need you to play in the ‘Studio’ at least 10 times as soon as possible. Don’t worry if it seems tricky, just take a deep breath and do your best! 

Soon, we will look at how you can introduce your Rock Star to your classmates and challenge them to a Rock Star Battle of the Bands!

If you prefer to practice with a selection of facts then here is a list for you;

2 x 2        3 x 3          4 x 4          5 x 5           6 x 6         7 x 7         8 x 8        9 x 9        10×10                       11 x 11                         12 x 12

Once again, you need to practice these over the week.  These are written out in order but remember, when you practice, you should keep mixing up the order.

Do you remember what we call the answers to these calculations?

If you think of any inventive ways to practice, comment at the bottom of this post to share with us!

Remember speed is key, so what time did you record last week?  Can you beat it this week?

At the end of the week, ask someone to test you and if you possibly can, time it – you can then comment on the blog the time you managed to do them in!

Week 5 Spellings

Mr Bevan’s Group Group 1 Group 2 Group 3




























Remember to start the week by creating your dictation sentences – write sentences using you spelling words, then at the end of the week ask someone to dictate them to you (read them out) while you write them, just like we do in class! 

I have created some fun word searches that contain all of your spellings! Click on the appropriate link to find the sheet.

Wordsearch for Groups 1, 2 and 3               Wordsearch for TA group

(For a chilli challenge, I have included five bonus words that have been in your spelling lists over the last few weeks! Record of Achievement for anyone who spots all five and emails them to me! Good Luck !) 


4P’s Spellings

I’m not posting the work this week as we don’t want to give anything away!  

Well done to BM for being the first to email with the hidden words!  

This was followed shortly by MS, who has also found them – well done.

JS has been busy, trying both of the wordsearches and finding all of the words as well as the hidden ones!

MH has also found all of the spelling words in the wordsearch, as well as the hidden ones.

I can add them now it’s the end of the week – here are the completed wordsearches you have sent in:




Week 5 Project

So last week, we learnt about the events in 1066 that led to the Battle of Stamford Bridge, with many of you creating amazing storyboards to show the key events – above is FG’s.

This week we will turn our attention to what happened next…

Click on the each of the following links to find out…

(you may want to take some notes – there is a quiz at the end!)





The Normans recorded these events in a giant tapestry, called the Bayeux Tapestry.



These animations bring it alive;




Task One – Battle of Hastings Quiz

Feel free to re-watch any of the above videos if you get a bit stuck – all of the answers can be found in these!

I have also set some chilli challenge questions (in red italics) If you would like a challenge, you may need to do some independent research to find the answers to these!

  1. There were 3 Kings of England in 1066. Can you name them all?

What was the date of each of these King’s coronations?

  1. What year did Harold of Wessex swear his allegiance to William, on holy relics?

Where did this happen?

  1. The Pope supported William and his army because he thought Harold had insulted the church. What did he give to show his support?

Where did the Pope live?

  1. How many ships were in Williams’s fleet?

Whereabouts in England did they land?       What was the date of this landing?

  1. What was the date of the actual battle?

What time of day was this?

  1. The two armies met at a hill. Whereabouts was the hill?   

Hastings,     Battle,     York     or London

What is the hill called?       Which army was at the top of the hill?

  1. The events of 1066 are recorded in an impressive tapestry. Whereabouts was this tapestry made?

How long is this tapestry?

All done – how did you get on?

I will post answers to the quiz on Friday – so check back then!


Task Two – write a diary entry

Look at the soldiers depicted (shown) on the Bayeux Tapestry.

 – Write a short diary entry as if you were one of those characters?

What had your day been like?

What had you been doing?

How did you feel?

What are your thoughts about what the next day will bring?

– Add a drawing of your character – in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry

Here is a helpful video for drawing a soldier

What am I looking for?

Neat handwriting

Evidence that you have considered each of the above question

Please remember to check your writing – look out for spelling mistakes and missed words – does it all make sense?  (Remember, reading your work out loud helps with this)

As always, feel free to comment on the blog and don’t forget to send me your lovely work, so I can share it with everyone!


4P’s Project Work

JS has written a brilliant diary entry as if he was in the 1066 Battle of Hastings.  Now, for a moment, I had forgotten what work I had set and so as I started reading this, I was very concerned about JS having been hit by an arrow!!!  Silly me!

MH has written a totally believable diary entry – it really captures how a soldier might have been feeling.  MH has also had a go at using the video to draw a soldier – it has come out so well!

MS has written a very detailed account of the day in his diary entry and drawn a great Norman soldier

14th October 1066

Today, I have had a hard-frightening day in battle, fighting against Harold Godwinson. We would have been unable to win the battle unless we broke through the English battle lines. Today my leader was blessed with a papal banner, so god was on our side to protect us.

While I was fighting in battle, I saw a lot of great warriors, who had previously fought by my side, die. I came to the coast of Sussex on one of our 700 ships to carry all our soldiers.

I felt quite pressurised because if we did not win this battle our leader would not become the new king of England, I also felt a little bit frightened because I could die in battle.

Tomorrow I think we are going to have to heal a lot of injuries because of this battle. I also think tomorrow we will have a day of rest and celebrate our leader becoming the new king of England.


FG has also drawn a Norman soldier, his too looks just like the one in the video – I particularly love the arrows flying all around him as well as writing a diary entry as if he were that soldier!

TH has written an excellent diary entry, so descriptive and full of detail, it could have been written by someone there!  He has also had a go at drawing Norman soldiers and I love how he has added them to his page.

RR has written a great diary extract, drawn several soldiers as well as a castle.

Another brilliant diary entry, this time from BM, along with a fantastic Norman soldier drawing

AS has sent in a great diary entry as well as some questions she has answered all about 1066 – and another great drawing of a Norman soldier.

JSh has also written a great diary entry accompanied with a brilliant drawing






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